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Youth for the cerrado

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Thanks to the fact that we received initial funding, we were able to start our project Brazil. Since then, Ana and Izabel have been very active and provided us with an update on their hard work. We are more than happy to share that with you.

Ana immediately started with her research into the ecology of the Maned wolf, which will be the main character in the first books. For this purpose, she contacted several experts and exchanged views with them. Ana is an expert herself because she has observed the maned wolf countless times, but she wanted to be absolutely certain that the content of the book was scientifically correct. Based on their research, she started writing the first pages. The content is always being reviewed and edited to ensure a high quality. Now almost half of the first book has been written. The first meetings with illustrators also took place. This will make sure the book will be visually appealing to the kids.

But not only the work on the book is going well. Another major aspect of this project is the education and raising awareness among children. On the 8th and 9th of May Ana and Izabel visited the Escola Flores do Cerrado: It's a local school where they told children about the Cerrado, the Emas National park, the animals living in the ecosystem including the Pampas cat as well and the threats it faces.

Ana and Izabel said the students were shy at first but as the presentation continued got more and more interested in the lives of the animals living in the National Park asking questions about the thematic. Ana and Izabel had the wonderful idea to let the children choose the names of the book characters to involve them personally in the project.

Two successful days where Ana and Izabel received a lot of compliments from the school. This makes everybody confident that a new generation will be aware of the natural treasure that the cerrado is and how they can help protect it.

Last but not least Ana and Izabel were able to meet with the Secretary of Education Nailde Volk and the Municipal Coordinator of Education, Nataly Dias to present the Project and the proposal to work on Environmental Education in the classroom of two Municipal Schools. This received a warm welcome as the project can be incorporated in the Educational Program of the State of Goiás. This means the books can be used for education for many years and reach many more children.

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