The Cerrado savanna, which lies mostly in Brazil is the world's most biodiverse savanna and is home to 5% of the planet's animals and plants. Unfortunately it is extermely threatened by deforestation especially due to the rapid expansion of soy and beef production.

 Year after year, more and more land is destroyed: In August 2021 alone, the Cerrado has lost as much as 433 km² of native vegetation - 136% more than the same month in 2020.


Emas National Park

The Emas National Park is one of the last stronghold of the Cerrado savanna. It is a home for the most famous representative of the Cerrado, the Maned Wolf.

It is also home to 7 wild cats species: Ocelot, Pampas Cat, Margay, Oncilla, Jaguarundi, Puma and Jaguar.


The project

We would collaborate with a project that would write five children's books. The main characters would be the Maned Wolf and the Pampas Cat. The children of 41 schools would go through this in school and the teachers would be trained on the subject.

The idea is that the circumstances of the book are at the time to which the children are taught. This way, teachers and children can have a chance to experience the events of the book live in park.

The Pampas cat, like many small wild cats in general, is often confused with domestic cats. It is important that the population is sensitised because small wild cats are often wrongly held responsible for large livestock losses for example.

Programme Coordinator: Ana Luzia de Souza Teixeira Cunha

Ana has worked with environmental educators and been a guide at Emas Nationalpark for 15 years.

She has already written three children's books.

We have found Ana to be very passionate and dedicated. She cares for the national park with heart and soul.