Mammalwatching meeting

What is this?

"Mammalwatching" is looking for and observing mammal species and the passion that brought us together. Mammalwatching can be done anywhere, one just has to go, ideally into nature, and look for mammals. 

By knowing species ecology and distribution, we often search in particular places for specific species, assisted by equipement such as binoculars, torches, thermal equipment and camera traps.

For example to see wild cats, it is best to look for them at night, helped by torches and possibly a thermal imager, because most of the species are nocturnal and active at night.

The Mammalwatching Meeting

The mammalwatchers are a small but fine community. We are very passionate and willing to do something to protect our beloved mammals. 

An easy way to do this is for us is to make the mammals valuable by paying money to locals to search and maybe see them. We are convinced that there are many more ways in which this community can support mammal conservation.

We will organise a meeting where we will sit together and discuss conservation possibilities, but also challenges related to mammalwatching. Our aim is to set up a small task force after the meeting that can implement and support the discussed measures.



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