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What is this?

"Mammalwatching" is looking for and observing mammal species and the passion that brought us together. Mammalwatching can be done anywhere, one just has to go, ideally into nature, and look for mammals. 

By knowing species ecology and distribution, we often search in particular places for specific species, assisted by equipement such as binoculars, torches, thermal equipment and camera traps.

For example to see wild cats, it is best to look for them at night, helped by torches and possibly a thermal imager, because most of the species are nocturnal and active at night.

The Mammalwatching Meeting

We organised the first mammalwatching meeting in October 2022. We were a small group but just the right people to discuss how to be better as a mammalwatching community. On one of the two days an online group helped and we had a very productive discussion. Among other things, we discussed how we can observe mammals with a minimum negative impact and a maximum positive impact.

Along the way, of course, we observed mammals in the beautiful Asturias and were lucky enough to observe brown bears, the common genet, the eurasian otter and other mammals.

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Revising the mammalwatching guidelines and make them better known.

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Revive the mammalwatching award with a focus on conservation.

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Encourage sustainable actions such as carbon carbon offset, reporting sightings, supporting local projects and guides.

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