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Mammalwatching is looking for and observing mammal species. It is the passion that brought Felis together!

Mammalwatching is a growing interest and due to the often lacking information for sometimes very challenging species to observe in the wild, there is a strong community organized via the website mammalwatching.

We are part of this online community and try to facilitate conservation and mammalwatching, as there is great potential to help these species we love so much with this activity.

Mammalwatching community  meetings

We organized the first physical mammalwatching meeting in October 2022 in Spain. We were just the right people to kickstart how to be better as a mammalwatching community. A focus was discussions on how we can observe mammals with a minimum negative impact and a maximum positive impact.

Since then we have implemented things like updating the readability and quality of the mammalwatching guidelines and made tutorials on how and why to report sightings. Currently, many more projects are starting to take shape. We are also organizing regular online community meetings to build the community. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in participating.

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Revising the mammalwatching guidelines and make them better known.



Organise regular community meetings to discuss mammalwatching and conservation, among other things.

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Encourage sustainable actions such as carbon carbon offset, reporting sightings, supporting local projects and guides. Revive the mammalwatching award with a focus on conservation. 

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Trip Lists

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