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Now Ruben has also seen the lynx

Two years later, we were again very lucky to be able to observe the lynx... But first let's start from the beginning.

Manuel and Sophie moved to a region where the lynx lives (it wasn't really a coincidence). They immediately started looking for lynx and one year later the monitoring was thus far that they found a fresh lynx kill.

A lynx kills a deer about every week and then eats at it for about 3-5 days. This deer had been eaten for about two nights, so there was a good chance that it would come again. It was THE opportunity to observe the lynx in peace and respect.

All Felis members were informed immediately. For such an occasion, everything planned is cancelled and reorganised but this takes some time.

That evening Sophie sat alone behind a camouflage net and waited for the lynx to come out. The lynx came already at 5 o'clock in the afternoon, in full daylight! He recognised her silhouette through the net and was intrigued. He slowly came closer and closer until he was about 15 metres away from her. The observation of a lifetime! When Sophie finally took the camera out to take a picture, he startled by the noise of the zoom and slowly walked away. No good picture could be taken, but it is forever in Sophie's memory.

Manuel later waited for the lynx without realising that it had torn the kill away and carried it further. Early the next morning, Lorenz and Manuel were able to find the kill again, but it had eaten a lot. Would he come again at all? We really hoped so, because Ruben was on his way and had driven 7h30 from Belgium to have a chance to observe it!

In the evening six of us sat above a rock waiting for it to hopefully come back. We were very very lucky again and the lynx came out in the last sunlight. We were all able to observe him through our binoculars! What a magical moment!

We then continued to watch him in the dark with the thermal device and when he then ate at the kill, we briefly watched him closely with the flashlight. After that, we decided to let him continue eating in peace.

Thank you for this observation!

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