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Update on the mammalwatching project

We haven't reported much about it yet, but the mammalwatching project is also constantly being worked on.

Since our physical meeting in Spain, several online meetings have taken place. Various small groups and sub-projects have also been initiated. We would like to thank Valentin and Ruben for their commitment.

The last online meeting took place on Saturday 27 January. On the agenda were awards for trip reports with different categories, projects to enhance mammalwatching and contribute to conservation and discussing potential roles of a big mammal day.

The potential guidelines for a big mammalday should help create a level playing ground for all people wanting to do a big mammal day. The basis of the rules are the same as those for a big bird day but changed a bit for a better fit to do a mammalwatching big day.

As a last item we discussed the community projects. During the last time many good ideas were generated. Following this meeting we will be focussing on a mammalwatching course and mammalwatching database. There are some very motivated community members willing to participate in the build of the projects. Join them here:

This meeting once again showed that the mammalwatching community is a very enthusiastic and motivated community. Not just for traveling and writing reports but also boosting the knowledge of sustainable and ethical mammalwatching and engaging others to combine mammalwatching and conservation to protect what we love: Mammals.

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