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Meet the team: Valentin

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

I am Valentin from Switzerland, currently doing a PhD on beavers and their modification of the ecosystem. While I am a broadly interested naturalist, mammals have a special spot in my heart. What fascinates me about nature is its beauty, weirdness and spectacle, all of which are the fuel to my motivation to study biodiversity and contribute to its conservation.

During mammalwatching I met Sophie and Manuel. Our first trip together was actually looking for bears in Trentino. To be honest, I expected absolutely nothing (except great company of course), but we even found a bear! Later, they invited me to see my first lynx at a kill in Jura, what an amazing experience! In early 2021, they approached me with their idea for projectfelis, an NGO dedicated to small cat species. What a cool idea and together with a great team, so I was very happy to join!

Personally, I love cats, and that with a preference of the smaller, more elusive species. These species have a beauty, elegance and wildness, which is in my opinion is unmatched in the animal kingdom! With my involvement in projectfelis I hope to contribute to stabilizing and maybe even reversing biodiversity collapse, one small cat and their habitat at a time!

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