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Meet the team: Sophie and Manuel

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

We have both always loved being in nature. A formative event that led to wildlife watching and a passion for wild cats was a lucky encounter with a eurasian lynx for Manuel in 2012. When Manuel showed Sophie that one can really see and observe animals in the wild, it was love at first sight. It quickly became a shared passion for both of us which became so important, that we engraved a leopard and a brown bear track on our wedding rings.

We have a very special connection to wild cats and the first wild cat Sophie was able to observe was a melanistic leopard.

The poor quality of the picture is a good expression of the excitement and nervousness we felt at that moment. Five years later, we have been lucky enough to observe 30 species of wild cats in the wild and every single sighting has been incredibly special for us. It is difficult to name individual highlights but the sightings of the beautiful clouded leopard and the snow leopard for example were simply incredible to us.

We have been able to gain a lot of experience and experience many adventures on this quest. Because we always had the desire to do something for the protection of these animals, we were able to collect and discard quite a lot of ideas.

Felis feels very right for us and is a project we strongly believe in. We look forward to further adventures, observations and encounters.

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