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Meet the team: Ruben

Updated: Jun 7

My name is Ruben, and I live in the small country of Belgium. I've been fascinated by nature for as long as I can remember. I could spend hours reading books about birds and nature. It wasn't until I started studying Biology that I realized how much there was to see so close to home and began venturing out on my own. It all started with birds, but I rapidly became interested in plants, insects, and mammals.

After a few years, I learned about spotlighting and was sold. The exhilaration of night drives with the prospect of seeing a cool animal around every corner or tree. The world of Mammals opened up to me.

In 2019 I invited myself to Switzerland looking for Lynx with Manu and Sophie. Unaware they knew Valentin who I met volunteering for Batumi raptor count, Georgia. Together with Lolo we had a memorable night spotlighting. The very Swiss dinner of cheese fondue could have something to do with it.

So when Manu and Sophie asked whether I wanted to join Felis, I said yes without hesitation. So far, it has been an incredible journey, and I have no doubt that this will continue. Working with friends to protect wild cats. Can it get any better?

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