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How it all began...

What the founding team has in common is a passion to search for and observe wild animals. The eurasian lynx search in particular brought us together and we spent long hours looking for it. In October 2020, we were finally lucky enough to observe an older female lynx. Unfortunately, Ruben was not able to join us spontaneously from Belgium, but we will certainly have the opportunity to observe a lynx all together at some point.

In any case, we are all very enthusiastic mammalwatchers who wanted to do something to protect our beloved mammals. Ideas have always been there, but for a long time none that were convincing after mature consideration.

One day Sophie and Manuel came across the study, which proved that there is indeed a region in the world that is so valuable and untouched that 9 wild cat species live there. Such a great habitat must be protected and appreciated! We immediately decided that we wanted to contribute to that and took the step of founding our own NGO.

For us it was immediately clear who we wanted to be part of this project and they all said yes without hesitation. We are proud of our small and motivated team and are very much looking forward to seeing what Felis will achieve in the future.

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