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Gems from the Jura

For several years now we have been very active with cameratrapping in the Jura. The Jura is a great region for mammals so putting out a lot of cameratraps and even some motion triggered DSLR camera’s we managed to take some great pictures throughout the years of some really cool species. With the upcoming hide we have been focussing on the area where the hide will be placed. With the pictures taken over the last year we are confident the hide will be placed at an ideal location giving the possibility for some great mammal encounters.

Despite the fact that the wildcats remain our favourite mammals, we are more than happy to see many other animals (including birds) on the cameratraps.

Cameratrapping in the Jura also gives us the possibility to always test new models we think might be interesting for our projects. Focussing on quality of the pictures but more important durability as they will be used very intensively at some remote locations. The cameratrap itself but also the batteries. With new setups being designed regularly we can try out a lot. But more on that later...

For now, just enjoy some of our best camertrap pictures from the Jura.

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