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First wildlife activity on the future hide site

Since the end of November we have started to monitor the area where we will put the hide with camera traps. We hope that in time we will be able to make a statement about the likelihood of our guests seeing an animal and which one.

In the pictures we could already identify 6 mammals: the red fox, the badger, the brown hare, the stone marten, the red squirrel and the roe deer.

We know that during this time the Eurasian lynx has also passed by which is great news. This will of course be the absolute exception because we will not be feeding any animals but it is great to know that this possibility exists.

We hope that our hide will be delivered in February and then we will soon start with the construction work. In the meantime, the camera traps will continue to photograph diligently and we are looking forward to further results.

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