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We finally all meet together

After 1.5 years, we finally did it: we finally all met together. We cooked Bhutanese food on this occasion with the wonderful local ingredients of Dechen. Two members barely survived the spiciness of the dish (note that it was deliberately a little less spicy than usual). Strengthened by this meal, we took the opportunity to look back and forward together.

Looking back, we realised that a lot of work has already been done. From the original expectation of "maybe we will do one project in addition to project 'Bhutan'" we are now at 5 projects. Maybe we were a little too motivated. At times the workload was a bit much and we decided not to take on any more projects at the moment. We are very happy with the projects we have so far and are very excited about what will become of them. Since we are all volunteers, the most important thing is that we all continue to enjoy it, even if the administrative work is probably nobody's favourite activity.

2023 will be exciting as several projects will start. Project India is in the starting blocks and our Hide will surely get windows. We are very hopeful that Project Brazil will receive funding and that we will be able to overcome the administrative hurdles to launch Project Bhutan. Ruben will be visiting our sixth and for now last project in Argentina in spring (more on this later). Sophie, Manuel and Sam may visit Project India in spring, but this is not yet definite. Finally, Dechen will most likely travel to Bhutan in spring and will organise a great trip with her travel agency ( This may be an opportunity for a delivery and visit to our project.

Finally, a picture of our faithful companion who always gives us adventures in between: The lynx. Winter greetings from Felis.

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