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Our hide has arrived home

We are very pleased that the hide project is progressing. Now the future hide has been delivered and the planning for the big rebuild can begin. We really wanted a mobile hide on wheels and decided on this former military trailer. It is very big, robust and well insulated.

More details will come as we go along but our team has started planning immediately. It is particularly important to us that the overnight stay at the hide will be a comfortable and enjoyable experience. By not attracting animals with food, we want the whole experience (with or without great wildlife viewing) to be great. Of course, we have chosen a great location that attracts a high biodiversity, but we will never be able to promise a sighting.

We already knew that our "ghost of the forest", the eurasian lynx, also walks on this field from time to time. Now we also have the photographic proof: If our hide had already been in operation, this young lynx would have just walked past it and our guests would have been able to observe it (if they were still or already awake then - but there too we already have ideas).

In the first step, we will have to clear the whole thing and decide where we will make the one room division. After that we will put in the windows and the rest will follow.

It will be a lot of work but we are very excited about this project.

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