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Update on project Bhutan

A lot has happened since we decided to support the Jigme Dorji National Park in Bhutan.

We were able to meet the whole team via video call and introduce ourselves. We were very lucky with the timing and got in touch with them just when they were preparing the new 10-year plan for the park. They had not sent it yet and we were able to add the research of especially the small wild cats as a goal. Small wild cats have hardly been researched, so any information we gather will be important.

The record of Pallas's cat in the Jigme Dorji National Park was the first record of this species ever in Bhutan for example. It was a lucky finding, a so-called by-catch, and there may be more individuals.

At the moment we have to be patient and wait for everything to be in order administratively so that we can officially start with our support. In the meantime, we will soon be sending out two camera traps for testing. We have also been looking for good rechargeable batteries for a long time and hope that they will work in the conditions of the Himalayas. They should arrive in January and will be tested by the park team.

If these work well and if we get a green light for our support, then we will support the park in a first step with camera traps, laptops, GPS devices ect. Everything necessary to study the small wild cats.

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