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News from the Brazil, India and Bhutan project

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

We have two pieces of good news and, unfortunately, one piece of bad news for the moment.

We are very grateful that we have received about 1/3 of the costs for our project in Brazil from a foundation. Our project partners have started work immediately and the first children's book is slowly but surely being created. We hope that we will soon have more funds available to carry out the whole project as planned. We think the first ideas are great and are already very excited about everything else that is to come.

After long organisational hurdles, we have finally shipped 28 camera traps with rechargeable batteries to India. We sincerely hope that the package will arrive at our partner WTI without any problems. Manuel, Sophie and Sam will visit the project in March and hopefully there will be some news about the camera traps by then. Here, too, we are extremely excited. Theoretically, there could be 8 wildcat species in Tenzingaon, let's see how much can be proven by our study. Of course, we are also super excited to see which mammals we will be able to observe on site. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Sebastian Kennerknecht ( who generously shared some beautiful wildcat drawings with us so that we can take some T-shirts with us to increase the awareness of the little wildcats.

Unfortunately, we also have bad news. We regret that we have to say that we won't be able to initiate any project with Jigme Dorji National Park or Bhutan at the moment. Even though both parties were very motivated, the administrative part turned out to be challenging from the beginning. Now, however, some additional changes in Bhutanese legislation means succeeding in starting our project is very uncertain. It is very disheartening that we won't be able to initiate a project for now, however we are still very interested to do a joint project with Jigme Dorji National Park and we will definitively keep in touch with our partners.

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